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Impressive hand-crafted goods in real wood
Impressive handcrafted goods in real wood

Unique just like a fingerprint, no two are the same.

"All-natural and optionally reusable with spare inserts, they became a bright example of sustainable collectible design for modern interiors."
Made of wood, beeswax, natural clay and pure oils.
Original wick
Multi-layer wick developed by WOOD MOOD for best look & burn.
Easily recharged with spare refills
Sustainable production.
Plastics are avoided in our products.
Safe and reliable
Engineered and tested for use at home and public locations.
Fire protection by design.
Every single unit is special, as there are no identical trees in the world. All candles and vases are hand-crafted with care.
WOOD MOOD candles
Gift Line candles
Series of candles, which truly have their own place in modern interiors.

A masterpiece made of burnt wood, local farmer's beeswax and pure essential oil for a rich experience.

The wood is burnt, but not painted.
And covered with natural beeswax for protection against dirt.

Original and very popular real wooden candles, made with full care to preserve their naturally grooved rind.

They embody Hygge philosophy and bring true natural feeling with warm scent of beeswax and coniferous essential oil.
Exotic looking candles, which find their place in many interiors.

Covered with natural almond oil for protection against dirt and dust.

Scent of warm cedarwood and beeswax is relaxing while being not obsessive.

The above candles are available in 2 lines:

  • Gift Line (with branded logo)
  • Concept Line

Gift Line includes 3 sizes of candles: a compact gift, original size and a patio size candle designed for indoor and outdoor both.

Concept Line has no visible branded logo, but has a de-bossed leather bottom instead of cork. It was developed for creating candle compositions. All sizes of Concept Line have unified size of refill.

Blossom Line
These candles are the most tender ones. Charming hand embroidered branch fits one of several floristic scents offered.

Covered with natural almond oil for protection against dirt and dust.

Available in 2 sizes:
  • Blossom Compact
  • Blossom Original
Black Illusions candles
Luxury series of the blackest candles with deep aromas of rich essential oils.

Black as night, they are treated with fire and waxed with ash for a perfectly refined matte surface.

Like all WOOD MOOD candles, they are rechargeable for a truly lasting luxury experience.

REfild spare inserts
Unique design of WOOD MOOD candles has a sustainable feature. Candles are easily refilled with spare wax inserts, which are available for all main sizes of candles.

Furthermore, spare wax inserts are available with a wide choice of fine essential oils.

WOOD MOOD recommends original size candles to be refilled up to 3 times. Further refilling is also possible, but due to the wooden trunk height, the refilling process may be a little obstructed.

Spare refills are available in 2 sizes:
Compact and Original

Why are these wooden candles so safe?

Fire protected by design
  • Wick and candle sizes are carefully designed. The heat of a burning wick is not enough to set fire to the wooden walls of a candle.
  • The bottom of the candle pot is protected with a layer of non-combustible natural clay. This is to ensure that, in the event of complete combustion of wax, the burning wick stays apart from the wooden structure.
Free of toluene and benzene
  • Only selected natural beeswax with a little of rapeseed wax added – our sustainable blend, which has the necessary combustion and ecological properties. No paraffin blend that releases carcinogens during combustion.
  • We only use high quality essential oils for fragrance and natural fibre (wood) materials for wicks.
  • Candles of the NAKED series are covered with natural almond oil.
  • The lower part of the candle is made heavy so that the candle always remains stable. In addition, it protects your table from the possible relay of temperature.
  • And the bottom of the candle is protected by a cork round mat so that candles can be placed at polished surfaces with no scratches.
  • Our craftsmen carefully check every candle at every production stage to ensure the highest quality in the box.
Waterproof WOOD MOOD vases
We developed cool and practical wooden vases
Making candles from wood inspired us so much with the beauty of nature that we continued to search for the use of the primordial material in other subjects.

This is how the idea of a vase for live flowers was born.

We solved the main problem of such vases, and made it waterproof and moisture resistant.

Rocky vase by WOOD MOOD
Today we offer 3 styles of vases:
Pure bark and nothing else for the most rustic look.
Wood which has natural colouring and bug holes, covered with natural oil. Bright and cool.
Wood burnt to black and covered with ecological acrylic varnish. Stylish and modern.
We create smart and neat products. Our team brings the best of ideas in life, combining natural materials in modern and elegant goods.
Vase is great for gifting – it will become a bright piece of nature in the one's stylish place.
Just like our very first product, we hold the main idea of creating sustainable products. What can be better, than a totally natural piece of wood on your table? Its design will be long-lasting and most probably will stay actual as long as a classical thing.
Wood for each vase is carefully selected, gently sanded and treated to make it totally waterproof for a live bouquet. Creation of each unit includes a dozen of handcraft processes, when artisans put their mission into the product. 
Get the best offer from maker
We will revert with a detailed wholesale quotation and recommended retail prices
Estimated amount of candles to be ordered (for shipping and discount calculation)
Few lines about us
We are a family team, who came up with the idea of developing a new combination of interior candle and traditional fireplace. This is how WOOD MOOD candles were founded. Probably the most natural and cool candles in Europe.

We designed a special construction for candles to be safe for home use.

Natural ingredients used for manufacturing: top quality beeswax from local farmers and finest essential oils from around the world for magical atmosphere.

We make product, which we love and care about every single unit produced.
Most common questions from buyers
What about delivery?
It may take some time to produce required goods, if not in stock.
If not nominated by you, we recommend to use international forwarding or postal companies. Shipping terms depend on your country/region.
Is a return possible?
30 days limited warranty applies to all goods since date of shipment.
Limited warranty includes coverage of functional and visual faults which may arise from manufacturing defects only.
We may also accept a small batch of goods valued less than 100 EUR to be returned within 60 days. Taking in account product weight and size, transportation costs are carried by the customer.

Rules for the safest use of candles
(any candles, not just made in wood)

  • Before you light a candle, make sure that the wick is trimmed.
  • Before you light a candle, make sure there is nothing superfluous inside. Garbage such as matches, wick remnants or paper will burn and add power to the flames, which can be dangerous.
  • Do not leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Do not leave a burning candle where there are little children or animals.
  • Do not place candles very close to each other, keep a distance of 10 cm.
  • Do not use candles near curtains, fabrics, paper, furniture, or other flammable objects.
  • Do not place a burning candle on or near the edge of the surface where it may fall.
  • Do not place a burning candle where there is a strong draft or wind that can turn it over or throw fire at nearby things.
  • Do not spray any aerosols near the burning candle.
  • Do not use a candle on surfaces that are very sensitive to heat.
  • Always use a non-combustible material stand.
  • Do not go with a lit candle in your hands to avoid accidentally pouring molten wax.
  • Do not move the burning candle sharply to avoid accidentally pouring molten wax.
  • Do not blow on a candle when the wax is melted. This can result in splashes of hot wax.
  • Do not extinguish the candle with water, use a ceramic saucer or cup to cover the candle and it will go out.
  • Extinguish the candle before it is completely burned.
  • Do not touch hot wax or candle walls with your bare hands so that they do not get burned.
  • Do not exceed the maximum permissible continuous burning time of the candle (4 hours). Allow the candle to cool completely before turning it on again.
  • Do not throw a burning or still hot candle in the bin or trash can.
  • Do not use candles in explosive environments.
  • Do not place a candle on the stove, fireplace or other hot surface.
  • Do not use candles unless you know how to do it.

Special rules for wooden candles

  • Do not use a candle on surfaces that are very sensitive to moisture or which may damaged with wood resin.

Sustainable manufacturing

Global warming, deforestation, microplastics pollution ... and this is just what many of us are now talking about or at least have heard about.
We use non-commercial wood, which is utilised otherwise for pellets or firewood.
We live in a world that needs fresh breath. We need to protect our nature and clean up the debris that has accumulated over the last decades.

That is why we have decided that this project should benefit the people and the planet as a whole. First, we have strongly refused to use plastic in packaging of the goods we create. We replaced synthetic materials and fossils with natural and sustainable ones in our products. We make the world around us a little cleaner, in sake of the next generations.

Secondly, our candles save forests. How? Let's explain. A traditional open fireplace requires more wood per load than used to produce an entire composition of wood fireplace candles. Thus, using candles instead of firebox requires much less wood to be burned. After all, candles burn many times longer than a single fireplace load.

The main goal of WOOD MOOD is to make products, which would be natural, long-lasting and stimulating consumers to buy less but better goods.

Making the world a little better. And more comfortable.
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